The Constitutional Renaissance Call

It is up to the states to fix it.

Constitutional Renaissance: A Plan to Shore Up the US Constitution Against Statism

Our Founding Fathers had it right.  With much wisdom and foresight, they created a republic that has enabled freedom to reign for over 235 years.  Not only have the citizens of this nation been blessed, but so also have the citizens of the world.  No nation has ever done so much for the world as has the United States of America.  We are the largest nation of charity in the world.  We have invented, through the freedom of thought that each citizen has, more inventions to assist and preserve life.  Yet in 1787, when a woman outside Independence Hall asked what form of government they had created, Benjamin Franklin stated, “A republic, if you can keep it.” 

The Founding Fathers knew two things about the government that they had created: First, no republic in history had ever been successfully maintained.  The self-interest of people’s sinful nature eventually led to collapse (chaos) and then tyranny.  Second, they knew that they could not see the future events that the United States would have to face and the changes in society brought about by these events. Thus, they attempted to design two things into the Constitution – checks and balances, and a not-too-easy process of amending the Constitution.  

It is with this in mind, that I now propose Constitutional Renaissance.  It is a time to look back at the original writings of the founders in order to relearn their wisdom and intent.  Second, it is time to fill in the holes in the checks and balances in such a way as to fix where the nation has strayed from their intent, through the process of amendments.  I am not naïve as to believe that this is an easy task.  The Founding Fathers deliberately made it hard.  Yet, we must not grow faint at the prospect before us.  There are forces in this world, both internal and external to the United States, which will bring this legacy of freedom to an end in a relatively short period, unless action is taken and taken IMMEDIATELY.  Sinful mankind, with the boastful pride of life and the desire for what is pleasing to themselves at the expenses of others, has eroded the principles of a free republic from within.  Hostile forces external to the United States, which desires to enslave the world under their power, are also pressuring the balance of power in the leadership of this nation.  America must be made strong, again.  Yet, the self-interested political parties in power will not do this.  It is up to The People of the United States “to keep it.”

Having studied American History for the last ten years, not from classroom textbooks but from other sources and with much prayer, I believe I have a plan to start us on the right path to strengthen the gaps in the Constitution. I am not so arrogant to believe that my way is the only way or that it cannot be improved upon.  However, I do not see others moving forth with a plan, other than to elect everyday American conservatives into power.  But, what are they to do when they get there?  So far, it has only been gridlock and an unsuccessful attempt to undo the latest damage.  How do we prevent socialism from taking over, now and in the next generation? That’s what happened the last time Americans woke up to stop a move towards socialism.  The Progressive Movement went underground and dug another tunnel while we slept.  We must shore the Constitution up so that it cannot happen, again.

In future articles, I plan to propose several amendments to the US Constitution.  I will endeavor to word them as best I can, but recognize that the wording could probably be improved by a well-meaning conservative attorney or other citizens. Thus, I will include with each amendment a discussion on why I feel they are essential to the reestablishment of the American Dream. In general, they attempt to clarify the rights of Americans, which have been reinterpreted into eroded mush. They will shore up the checks and balances to keep the Founder’s original designs for this nation.  They will reestablish the fact that ours is a government where those in power are not in a different class than other Americans.  The subjects of these amendments are (in no order of importance):

  1. Repealing the 17th Amendment in a form so as to provide for no gaps in Senators assigned to Congress.
  2. Limiting the powers of the President’s executive orders and regulations.
  3. Limiting the powers of the Judiciary, such that they cannot legislate rights that are not granted through the Constitution, nor can they cite laws of other countries as justification for rulings.  In addition, it establishes a vote of confidence of all appointed judges every 10 years by election of the people.
  4. Term limits on most positions of power in the US Government.
  5. Pay for members in power capped at a level no higher than 2 standard deviations of the national average, with modest housing allowances for residing in Washington while serving in Congress.
  6. Defining in the Constitution the process of Senate confirmation of judiciary appointments.
  7. All legislation in Congress shall have a preamble defining a scope, focused on the minimum necessary to define the action of the bill.  No part of the bill or amendment to the bill may be outside the scope of the preamble. (Anti-pork Amendment)
  8. Balanced Budget Amendment with caps in spending.
  9. Defining the right to life beginning at conception.
  10. Defining the rights of parents to determine the manner of their children’s religious and moral teaching.
  11. No property belonging to citizens of the United States shall be seized by the government without a warrant.  All property held as evidence in order to rightly judge a criminal act, shall require written affirmation from a judge as to its appropriateness within 30 days or otherwise returned to the owner.

I am not so naïve as to believe that Congress will change their power structure; they reap too many benefits.  Once these amendments are written into a “final” form, it is my hope that local grassroots upwelling will push these amendments to their state legislatures.  Article V of the Constitution provides for a constitutional convention of states. It has never happened before, the states are the biggest victims of our federal government.  I believe the states will have the political courage to do this.  We must petition our states to create a convention of states.  As we proceed, petition forms will be developed and distributed to local leaders who will get groups to stand in front of grocery stores and convenience stores throughout the nation to get signatures for these amendments.  They will be offered under the banner of Constitutional Renaissance.  It will also require educational material be established for distribution to educate Americans as to the need.  An idea can start with one.  A movement takes many.  Anyone willing to join me?

Your thoughts?


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3 thoughts on “Constitutional Renaissance: A Plan to Shore Up the US Constitution Against Statism

  1. I’ve read the entire page, and like most of what you are saying. Your post was made over a year ago. I have similar ideas, and happened to find you on my own after a web search. Developing interest is difficult. It’s not just about issues of the Constitution. There are countless blogs and websites out there on any subject you could imagine, most of them with 1 follower. We need MILLIONS of people to be interested in this subject. How is that going to happen.

  2. I like your suggestion:

    “In addition, it establishes a vote of confidence of all appointed judges every 10 years by election of the people.”

    Personally, I would make lots of things subject to the vote of the people. And I would propose additional checks and balances in the voting system itself. I hope that interest can be generated on this subjects.

  3. George on said:

    I sure hope people pay attention to this. This is the only way I see it playing out good!

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