The Constitutional Renaissance Call

It is up to the states to fix it.

This was always a concern of mine.

RE: Liberty Amendments and a Proposed Article V Convention – Are We Saving the Republic or Chasing Vain Hope

I must admit that even when I started this site (pre-Liberty Amendment book), this was a concern that I had. I’d actually had a concern that people in power would weasle their way in and take such a conference to change America for the worse, towards further progressivism. Couple this the fact that the Trophy for Every Kid Generation is alive and well and of voting age, I’m not sure the population is as “informed” of our heritage and liberty as it was 240 years ago.

I felt God was calling me to write what I did. I still feel that this is what He desires. But this comes with the knowledge that a country, like the United States, is not mentioned in end-time prophecy. Everything else is lining up. Thus, the end of the US as we know it may be His devine will.

Who am I to say.


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