The Constitutional Renaissance Call

It is up to the states to fix it.



Welcome to my plan.  To understand what this site is about, please read my first post:

My background:

I am a well-rounded System Safety Engineer with specialties in Commercial Aviation Operations Safety and Safety Management Systems (SMS).  As a safety investigator/engineer, I have been educated and trained in root cause analysis.  I have broad experience in working with Government/Industry Working Groups.  I am also a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, served in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer. All of this has given me a unique(?) perspective on our government.  I do not feel our problems are unsolvable.  But I do not believe government has any incentive to solve it. 

My personal goals are to continue raising my four children and preparing them for Christian adulthood. In doing so, my wife and I (mostly her) homeschool our children through high school.  It isn’t as hard as one thinks.  I am also a freelance writer and an author of a children’s book, yet to be published.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I read your comment on whether the government has any intent in solving the nations current problems. They may have intent, but lack a clarity and resolve. People get overly concerned with how to deal with the complexity of a problem, and fail to value fundamental principles of goodness to guide them. Without the clarity that comes from the ability to discern goodness, people lack conviction. We do need to somehow inform citizens and provide a way for the general public to become involved. I really don’t believe that the government is going to solve our problems. It’s my opinion, that the solution is in goodwill toward our neighbors. Christ’s second commandment.

  2. I see you have 74 followers at the moment. That’s good. I’m guessing that many, many more people would be interested in the topic. The problem is that we are dealing with a culture that wants instant gratification, their attention span is a few seconds, and people’s reasoning abilities beyond the superficial is almost non existent. This is simply the sad reality. I’d like to figure out a way to capture people’s attention concerning issues like this. Don’t have a solution yet.

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