The Constitutional Renaissance Call

It is up to the states to fix it.

Other Writings

Prior to writing this blog, I had a short stint as a guess columnist for the Desoto Times Tribune.    Then one day, my articles were no longer acknowledged.  Word from friends in the know said that I was too conservative and Scripts Howard ended my op-ed run.  Here are links to the articles that were published in the newspaper.  Judging from some of the comments from readers, a few others felt the same.  You be the judge.

What does government stimulus cost you?

You just have to be there

A debate is best in person

Why aren’t you homeschooling?

What you can learn touring Wal-Mart

Look before you vote

A ride to nowhere

A word in sheep’s clothing


3 thoughts on “Other Writings

  1. I would like to quote you in an essay I am writing for my American Government class. How would you like me to do that- by your name (found on the link given for the Desoto articles), or by your Blog title?

    • Houdini NFO on said:

      Either is fine with me. What are you quoting? I may have better references. Lots of stuff on Krisanne Hall’s website.


      Sent from my iPhone Please ignore fat fingers and AppleSpells


  2. It would be nice if you introduced yourself. What is your name? And ehere do you live?

    My husband feels the same as you. I think he would be very interested in meeting you and talking with you.

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